Sponsoring GSG

A special fund has been created to support the regular meetings of the Goose Specialist Group: the “Stichting Support Meetings of the Goose Specialist Group”. This fund is run by Bart Ebbinge, Tony Fox, Ingunn Tombre and Gerard Ouweneel.

This fund financially supports the organization of our meetings as well as our members individually in travelling costs to attend these meetings.

GSG-members who have difficulty in acquiring sufficient funds themselves to attend our meetings are kindly requested to send a request to : Ingunn Tombre (Ingunn.Tombre@nina.no )

If you would like to sponsor the activities of the Goose Specialist Group you are kindly invited to send your contribution to: “Stichting Support Meetings of the Goose Specialist Group” in Wijk bij Duurstede, the Netherlands with the following bank account with the Triodos Bank:


IBAN: NL85 TRIO 0198 3695 22