Goose bulletin

GOOSE BULLETIN is the official bulletin of the Goose Specialist Group of Wetlands International and IUCN-Species Survival Commission.


Goose BulletinFrom February 1991 till November 1996 regular bulletins were mailed to interested goose biologists from the National Environmental Research Institute in Kalø, Denmark. The 8th and last issue appeared in November 1996. During the meeting in Höllviken in October 2009, it was decided to restore this bulletin in a digital form.


GOOSE BULLETIN appears as required, but at least once a year in electronic form. The bulletin aims to improve communication and exchange information amongst goose researchers throughout the world. It publishes contributions covering goose research and monitoring projects, project proposals, status and progress reports, information about new literature concerning geese, as well as regular reports and information from the Goose Database.

Contributions for the GOOSE BULLETIN are welcomed from all members of the Goose Specialist Group and should be sent as a Word-file to the Editor-in-chief. Authors of named contributions in the GOOSE BULLETIN are personally responsible for the contents of their contribution, which do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board or the Goose Specialist Group.

Editor-in chief: Johan Mooij - Biologische Station im Kreis Wesel Frybergweg 9, D-46483 Wesel (Germany).

Editorial board: Fred Cottaar, Tony Fox, Carl Mitchell, Johan Mooij, Berend Voslamber.

The bulletins can be downloaded as PDF. The bulletins are meant to be printed as A5 booklet on paper with size A4 using Acrobat Reader.

This can be done as follows:

  • In Acrobat Reader, press File, followed by Print
  • In the resulting dialogue window, go to Page Scaling and choose "Booklet Printing"
  • For Booklet subset, choose "Both sides"
  • For Binding, choose "Left"

Available issues

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