Individually marked geese

Through the group marking programs (with coloured and engraved leg-rings and neck-collars) are coordinated within the western palearctic. In close cooperation with volunteer observers the movements of individually marked geese are followed. Information on the various projects is available at the European colour ring Birding website. Colour-marking programs for geese in Europe are coordinated through the group. Those wishing to start new programs are strongly advised to contact Berend Voslamber, the coordinator of the ringing schemes of the Goose Specialist Group.

What can be achieved through such programs is illustrated in a brochure on the 25-years running Dark-bellied Brent Goose colour-ringing program. This brochure, in English, Dutch and German, can be ordered from Bart Ebbinge at Alterra (costs including postage 10 EURO)

Information on specific projects

Catching geese

Geese can be caught with traditional clap-nets or with canon-nets in winter or by herding the temporarily flightless geese together during wing moult in summer. See picture below.

Catching of moulting geese by Siberian Dolgans (Popov, 1937)