About geese.org

Geese.org is the largest single website where observations of colour-ringed birds are gathered. Our database curently contains c. 2 million observations of over 50,000 individually marked geese and swans gathered by c. 9.000 observers from 35 different countries! Geese.org is primarily focused on Eurasian goose and swan populations. It is an initiative of AlterraSOVON, and Vogeltrekstation - Dutch centre for avian migration and demography, in cooperation with NERITournaturLunds UniversitetNIOO, Thomas Heinicke and Dmitrijs Boiko.The site can be approached using four different languages, English, Dutch, German and Danish. A team of dedicated volunteers helps running the site.


dark-bellied brent geese marked greater white-fronted geese; photo Marcel Koch Jan Ellens in action; photo Musch & Tinbergen
Marked brent geese (foto: Hans Dekkers) Marked greater white-fronted geese (foto: Marcel Koch) Jan Ellens in action (foto: Musch & Tinbergen)



The objective of geese.org is to create a database of individually marked geese in order to facilitate analyses of annual survival, distribution, and migration patterns and movements of these fascinating birds. Such data are useful for science, management and conservation. Individual observers can view the other observations of the birds they observed, but are not allowed to use these data in scientific analyses without written permission of the project coordinators. Requests for such permission should be sent by email. Individual observers can enter, edit and delete their own observations.