Canada Goose

From 2009 onwards, (Greater) Canada Goose have been marked in The Netherlands in the framework of a research project by Sovon Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology. The neckbands used are derived from the same system as Dutch Greylag Geese. Neckbands are darkgreen and have a 3-digit code of which the latter 2 are placed in a 90° angle, always in combination with a green legring and a metal ring. In addition, in Germany birds have been marked by a yellow legring with metal ring.

Note that with codes that have one 'large' digit and two smaller digits in 90° angle, always the 'large' digit should be entered first, followed by the 2 smaller digits that are placed in 90° angle, e.g. A00. Do not use space when entering the code. Colour of the neckband is selected in the dropdown menu.

dark green with white inscription (A12)

Netherlands 2009 - ongoing