Greylag Goose

On Greylag Geese, coloured legrings as well as neckbands have been used. During the last decades birds were mainly ringed with neckbands. The majority has been banded with codes placed as presented below. There is one upright ´large´ letter and under 90˚ two letters or numbers or one letter with one number are placed which in general have to be read from head to body (but there are some exceptions). The codes have to be entered with first the ´larger´ letter and then the other two, without space in between (so for instance A23). Codes like NX and XN or 09 and 60 have not been used at the same time (only when it is clear that the first one died).

The colours which are in use in the projects on this website are: blue, yellow, darkgreen, white and black. For other colours check Almost all birds which are equipped with a neckband also wear a metal ring on one of the legs. In some project (for instance in Sweden and Holland) also coloured legrings with in principle the same codes as on the neckband are in use. On these rings the codes are placed in line (see below) and have to be entered on the website with the abbreviation of the colour before the code. So a darkgreen legring with the code A23 should be entered as GA23.

Below you can find all neckband-types that have been used in the different Greylag Goose ringing projects. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image. For additional combinations see

dark green with white inscription (ABC)

Netherlands 1994 - ongoing (J-Z)

dark blue with white inscription (ABC)

Scandinavia 1984 - ongoing

Germany 2002 (X00-X99)

dark green with white inscription (A12)

Poland 1980's - 1996 (A-H)

Netherlands 1990's - ongoing (J-Z)

dark blue with white inscription (A12)

Scandinavia 1984 - ongoing

legring dark green with white inscription (GABC)

Netherlands 1999 - ongoing

legring dark blue with white inscription (BABC)

Scandinavia 1990's -ongoing

light blue with black inscription (HBC)

! colour has to be entered as blue

Scandinavia 1980's - 1990's

yellow with black inscription (ABC)

Germany 1970's - ongoing

Estonia 2007 (E)

yellow with black inscription (ABC)

Germany - ongoing

yellow with black inscription (BCD)

Germany - ongoing

yellow with black inscription (P123)

Poland 2012 - ongoing (P)

Hungary 2013 - ongoing (H)

red with white inscription (ABC)

Czech Republic 2005 - ongoing

white with black inscription (ABC)

Greece 2014 - ongoing

white with black inscription (A12)

Greece 2012 - ongoing

white with black inscription (A|12)

Spain 1980's - ongoing

black with white inscription (A|12)

Spain 1980's - ongoing