Brent Goose GPYC (left green P, right yellow C) at Ile d'Oléron, France, January 2015 (Photo: Stéphanie Darblade)

Welcome to www.geese.org – the online international portal to submit your records of marked geese and swans. The purpose of this page is to immediately provide observers of colour-marked geese and swans with information about the birds they observed. After registering as a user, you can report the birds you have seen – marked with either colour-ring(s) or neckbands - and view the complete life histories of these birds. Please check the species' pages under How to report to see which projects participate in geese.org, what kind of leg-rings or neckbands have been used, and how sightings should be entered.

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Geese.org and submit.cr-birding.org are going to merge!

In the second half of 2024, geese.org will cease to exist as a separate platform to submit observations of colour-marked swans and geese. From then onwards, you can enter these observations in submit.cr-birding.org, a platform that already hosts more than 80 colour-marking projects, ranging from greenfinches to white-tailed eagles. A team of geese.org and cr-birding org managers and programmers has already started the necessary changes to submit.cr-birding.org to make the merge happen. We strive to implement all functionalities of geese.org into submit.cr-birding.org. For observers that make use of the Birdring-app, nothing will change; when the merge is ready, your observations will be forwarded to the new database. Observers that use the geese.org website to enter observations will receive instructions how to use the submit.cr-birding.org website. If you do not have an account on submit.cr-birding.org yet, a new account will be created for you with your current geese.org credentials. If you already have an account at submit, you will see your gese.org observations there once the merge is complete.

For now, please continue to use geese.org as before until the merge is ready. More news on the progress will appear here.

www.geese.org is an initiative of Wageningen Environmental Research, Dutch Centre for Avian Migration & Demography and Sovon Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology, in close collaboration with the Goose Specialist Group.