Bewick's Swan

During the past decades many Bewick's Swans have been ringed with either neckbands or coloured legrings. Information below refers only to schemes that have joined so far, and that have been carried out in the framework of research by SOVON and NIOO. This new ringing programme of Bewick’s Swans started in 2005. Yellow neckbands with a 4-digit code have been used, consisting of three numbers and one letter. Entry of neckbands should be like '901A' , after which 'yellow neckband' is selected from the dropdown menu. Never use space when entering codes. 

Some birds are equipped with collars with built-in GPS-loggers, used in a previous research project. These loggers do not work anymore.


yellow with black inscription (901A)

Netherlands 2005 - now





Bewick's Swan 174E (photo: Jaap van der Linden)