geese.org is an initiative by Alterra, SOVON and Vogeltrekstation. Geese.org is financially supported by:

Faunafonds is an independent body that deals with provinding compensation for damage to agricultural crops and predation of livestock by wildlife.

PO Box 888 3300 AW Dordrecht, Netherlands
++31-78 - 63 95 375

Aarhus University is a knowledge centre within the areas of nature, environment, climate and energy and delivers science-based advice and solutions that help greening of the economy and promote sustainable growth at both local, national and international scales.

Aarhus University
Grenaavej 14
8410 Roende

The Fondation François Sommer, pour la Chasse et pour la Nature is in favor of sustainable development and diffusion of culture. It takes initiatives and supports projects in favor of nature and the environment. It proposes, alone and in partnership, many activities and programs. Through its museum it plays a role in the dissemination of such initiatives.

Fondation François Sommer, pour la Chasse et pour la Nature 60-62, Rue des Archives, 75003, Paris


The Hiddensee bird ringing scheme was founded in 1964 for organizing scientific bird ringing in the eastern part of Germany (former G.D.R.). Since 1993 the ringing centre is a branch of the Office for Environment & Nature Conservation and Geology of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It is now one of the three ringing schemes in Germany from which scientific bird ringing is being coordinated. The Hiddensee bird ringing scheme has its office in the Hansestadt Stralsund.

Hiddensee bird ringing scheme
Landesamt für Umwelt-, Naturschutz und Geologie Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
An der Mühle 4
17493 Greifswald-Eldena, Germany
++49 - 3831 696 252

Stichting Natuurreizen consists of a group enthousiastic, experienced nature lovers that organize trips and expeditions to a number of beautiful destinations. Trips are practical, easy to join and reasonably priced. It's as simple as that. Stichting Natuurreizen
PO Box 1159
1270 BD Huizen, The Netherlands
++31 - 35 526 95 20

Altenburg & Wymenga ecological consultants offers Research and Consultancy services in the field of Ecology and related issues such as Natura 2000, Integrated Water Resource Management, Protected Area Management, Nature Conservation and Capacity Building.

Altenburg & Wymenga bv
Postbus 32
9269 ZR Feanwâlden, The Netherlands
++31 - 511 47 47 64

For 30 € you can become a sponsor of a Brent Goose. After the return of Brent Geese to the breeding areas, the sponsors receive concrete information about " their " goose. The sponsorship contribution benefits geese research; it supports the www.geese.org website which coordinates current research and observations of brent geese.  

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