Egyptian Goose

After a start in 1999 in Arnhem, the Netherlands, efforts to mark Egyptian Geese with colour-rings intensified since 2009 with ringing activities in the cities of Arnhem, Amsterdam and Den Haag. To date, more than 500 individuals have been ringed. Birds have one colour ring with a single inscription on each leg, comparable to the system used in Barnacle and (Dark-bellied) Brent Goose. The project aims to get insight in the dispersion of Egyptian Geese. So far, sightings have been made in The Netherlands and in Belgium and Germany.

White - Yellow (WAY1)

Arnhem, Netherlands, 2009 - now

Yellow - Blue (YAB1)

Amsterdam, Netherlands 2011 - now

Red - Blue (RAB1)

Groningen, Netherlands 2011 - now

Yellow - Red (YAR1)

Limburg, Netherlands 2011 - now


Breeding pair with colourrings (photo: Ana Buren)

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